Capital Improvements

Developers, property owners, administrators, condo and co-op boards and other decision makers all rely on Joyland Management’s smooth, friendly and highly professional capital improvement services. Our experienced staff understands the fine points of capital improvement projects, which begin with our strong relationships throughout the property management and construction industries.


Joyland’s team always makes smart decisions

We focus on upgrades that are necessary as well as those that will make your property attractive to the tenants you’re targeting, without overwhelming your budget.

We have a comprehensive network of contractors, engineers, architects and vendors – along with a deep knowledge of contractor logistics – that enables us to develop workable schedules with limited discomfort for building residents and owners.

When we partner with clients on capital improvement projects, Joyland starts with thorough planning, identifying and screening prospective contractors, obtaining/reviewing bids, scrutinizing plans and specifications once they’re submitted, and then offering well-thought-out guidance to our clients, including assistance with finance options, when requested.

This emphasis on communication continues throughout the process, as our staff keeps in frequent contact with building owners, managers & staff, and the always-important residents throughout the capital improvement process.

We do much more than touch base by email and phone. Joyland Management’s staff actively manages projects, frequently visiting worksites to make sure contractors are sticking to their specifications and providing residents with optimal access to their property.

Call us today to learn more about our thorough, hands-on approach to managing capital improvement projects and click here to see examples of New York buildings that our capital improvement initiatives have converted into showcase properties.