Meet Our Team

Our organization is thriving thanks to a team of dedicated, hard working women. Joyland Management team members bring a wealth of property management experience, and unparalleled customer service to our valued clientele.

Judy Minster


In many ways, Judy Minster is Joyland Management. The firm’s property manager initially worked for us several years ago, on a project supervising construction on an eight-unit property. “After putting so much effort into the construction of the  building, I wanted to make sure it would be managed right. So I stayed on. That’s how Joyland Management was born.” says Judy, who’s taken on more responsibility with each successive year. Today her workflow includes researching potential new projects, inspecting all construction jobs, and reviewing rental applications, leases, deeds and contracts, as well as signing off on all expenses. She serves as a liaison with owners and partners, keeping apprised of their concerns, and ensuring smooth interactions.  She also handles all of the arduous and irksome aspects of management, i.e. Refinance, Foreclosures, Evictions, Violations, Annual Filings and numerous additional components of the business.

The Joyland Difference

Judy epitomizes Joyland’s approach to quality service for both property owners and tenants. Owners are consistently updated on the status of their properties, receiving quarterly, monthly and even weekly performance reports from Judy and her team. All property information  is available online. Owners, investors, and tenants alike, have personalized  login access to peruse relevant information  at any time. “We treat each property as if it were the only property we manage, and give it 100% of our attention.” Judy says. “For tenants, there is a 24-hour number. All repairs get a work order,  and then we aim to resolve all work orders within a 48-hour turn around.” Judy thrives on the demands of her intense position and blossoming career. “I enjoy producing, and this job is very productive!” she says. “There’s always some fresh and new excitement, and I love the adrenaline of a  very fast-paced work environment. And it goes without saying, I really love my team!“

Crystal Garcia 

Accounts Receivable Manager (Licensed Notary Public NY)

Crystal is our Accounts Receivable Manager. She earned her Bachelor’s degree in Business Management in 2016 and has over 12 years of Property Management experience in New York City dwellings. She oversees the process of collecting payments from our company’s clients. The prevalent responsibilities for this role includes receiving and recording all payments, generating invoices and reconciling accounts on a monthly basis. Crystal is familiar with all accounting procedures and ensures the timely collection of payments. “My favorite part of the job is providing tenants with positive and productive customer service by ensuring that they are heard and that their needs are met”, says Crystal, who joined out team in March of 2020.

Josette Ferreira

Leasing & Maintenance Manager 

An essential part of the Joyland team, Josette is a tremendous source of information for the property owners, managers and especially the tenants who call our offices with an multitude of questions, special requests and yes, even complaints. For our tenants, Josette is the friendly face and helpful voice of Joyland Management. Josette oversees repairs and maintenance. She handles each work order diligently, and ensures our tenants are happy and well-informed throughout the repair process. “I love the variety my job offers.”,  says Josette, who joined our team in 2017. “I like to see things getting done. I make it my job to always ensure their questions and concerns are addressed promptly.” “My approach to service is  ‘ the customer is always right’ approach.” she asserts proudly. “We treat our tenants as we would like to be treated, as one of the family. I love happy tenants.”- And we love happy tenants too!!

Josette processes all move ins and move outs as well. 

Anna Novak

Accounts Payable Full Charge Bookkeeper 

Anna has completed her Bachelors Degree in Business accounting in 2005 at Touro College. Anna keeps our accounting system in order and is  becoming a fundamental asset to our company with an impressive list of responsibilities, including maintaining the annual budget and chart of accounts, as well as processing payroll in a timely manner and providing clerical and administrative support to management. Anna conducts daily reconciliations of all accounts to ensure their accuracy, issues financial statements, and assembles information for our annual audits. Anna is always in compliance and up to date with local, state, and federal government reporting requirements.